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Ensure Perfect Granite Countertop Seams by Hiring a Pro

After investing in a stunning granite countertop, you need to ensure you receive professional installation services. A major part of installation is seaming your countertop correctly. Learn how a professional installation can give you flawless countertop seams to match your exquisite granite countertop.

Dangers of Improper Seams

Because countertop slabs typically come in lengths of 10 feet or less, any kitchen with a longer countertop than 10 feet requires a seam. Corners also require seams. A countertop seam requires precision cutting, quality filler and professional application in order to pull off a perfect look.

Unprofessional countertop seams can result in chipped, uneven cuts and filler that doesn’t match the color, texture or quality of your granite. This usually results in cracked seams that aren’t waterproof or pleasant to look at.

Benefits of Quality Seams

By choosing a professional installation team, you’ll enjoy beautiful seams that are free from these imperfections. Professional seams are less than 1/16-inch wide and use a filler that blends beautifully with your countertop design. These seams are created to last longer, avoid water damage and create a flawless look to your high-quality countertops.

Filler choice is key to a quality seam. Not only should the filler match the color, grain and style of your granite, it should also be waterproof and form a long-lasting bond. Your countertop filler needs to be carefully applied to avoid smudges or imperfections in your countertop. Ask a professional to help you find the best filler type for your chosen countertop.

Find a Professional Near You

Don’t allow your beautiful granite countertops to be ruined by improper countertop seams. Work with a countertop company that offers experienced installation and works with you through every step of the process. When you invest in premium countertops for a kitchen remodeling project, ensure that the installation and seams are as elegant as the countertop itself.