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The Elegance of Marble Fireplaces


For hundreds of years, the marble fireplace has held a place of a regal and classic beauty in upper society homes. In the past few decades, the timeless beauty and untouchable quality of marble has become one of the general interior designer’s favorite fireplace surrounds and has found its way into many homes across the United States. Building on the idea that the hearth is the centerpiece of the family, the impressive stone can enhance any style of house.


The beauty and sparkle of many marble mantles or surrounds can quickly mesmerize with their amazing beauty, so it is easy to forget the stone is functional as well as lovely. The dense rock is a good heat reflector, fire resistant stone, and a good insulator. That means the rock may stay cool to the touch, but it can help reflect the heat into your home.


There are three basic types of marble fireplace materials most commonly used – micro, natural, and conglomerate. The micro marble uses the marble rock and some resin to make an artificial yet durable mixture that can be engineered into a lovely fireplace. The natural stone is quarried from 100 percent marble sheets and polished to a super sheen. The conglomerate is a mixture of various marble pieces that are blended together. The mixture is popular with homeowners because it allows for colors and hues together in patterns not normally available in nature.


The options offered are varied, but you can also customize your fireplace surround, mantle, or hearth if you are willing to pay extra. If you have an artistic inclination, you can even have the material carved with art deco features and figures as they had in days past.

No matter what style, color, or design you choose, a marble fireplace is one of the most elegant designs available. Whether you have an electric, natural gas, wood burning, or bio-fuel fireplace, there is a marble surround available to fit your style.