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Using Natural Stone Not Laminate in Your Bathroom Remodel


Bathrooms naturally contain a lot of humidity with hot showers a staple among many shower users. The wrong bathroom countertops fail over time leaving you with a bathroom less than envisioned. Choose natural stone when redoing your bathroom and avoid using cheaper alternatives such as laminate.


Natural stone is more aesthetically pleasing than laminate countertops. The colors and patterns of granite or marble look beautiful years after the remodel. Other natural stones include limestone, engineered quartz and soapstone. They withstand the environment of your bathroom without losing their natural beauty. Laminate starts off looking nice but then warps, bubbles, cracks and chips over time. The laminate simply cannot handle the high humidity. The delaminating process happens usually much faster than the expected 10 to 15 years.


Due to the layered design of laminate bathroom countertops, the wood beneath simply cannot help expanding and contracting with the changing temperatures. As the wood changes, the laminate starts separating causing problems much sooner than expected. Natural stone easily handles the changing temperatures without a problem. The remodel is a prime time to upgrade the existing bathroom to something you can enjoy for a long time. Spend the extra cost and upgrade the look and feel of your entire bathroom starting with the vanity.


Unlike laminate, natural stone has been used in a variety of applications since the Ancient Greeks. The stone makes great countertops, shower walls and flooring tiles. Create unique designs with different tile colors, shapes and sizes. Precision applications of natural stone make it a truly versatile material in your bathroom. You can create the oasis or spa you’ve dreamed about with the beautiful materials.

Make the most of your bathroom remodel with bathroom countertops made of natural stone. The extra cost of the higher-quality materials lasts much longer. The beauty of your countertops can withstand the years of heavy use of a treasured oasis.